...contemporary body awareness

The STACKIT project

enables Year 7 & 8 (Secondary school) students, to build an understanding of body awareness, posture and deportment.

‘Extremes are easy. Strive for balance’

Colin Wright, author and full-time traveller (2013)
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Awards & Recognitions


Leaders award 2016

(nominated by Turing House School)
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The STACKIT project focuses on helping young people to understand,

‘whatever you do to your body, will have an effect on your body.’


“…to light a candle, is to cast a shadow…”

Ursula K. Le Guin, novelist
A Wizard of Earthsea (1968)

To empower every young person to understand and care about how their body reacts to the rigours of childhood, adolescence and the forces of nature.

To enable every young person to draw from a ‘tool kit’ of skills and understanding that they can take with them into adulthood.

To enlighten every young person to be free of pain caused by either poor body awareness or imbalances within the body.

Mixing theoretical understanding with practical, movement and strengthening skills.

In 2003 Chris StJohn-Smith started working with private clients, teaching Clinical Pilates in his bespoke studio.

Pilates Revolution continues to be a sought-after destination for rehab and remedial Pilates in South West London.

With the majority of adults presenting with pain and discomfort originating from posture, Chris set about designing a means to educate good posture and body awareness in young people.

It has been remarked by many clients, who have gained great benefit from a new-found understanding of their bodies…

“If only I had learned all this stuff thirty years ago in school, I wouldn’t be in the state I am today.”

Whether young or old, whether an Anaethestist, Actor, CEO or Olympian, all can benefit greatly, from good posture and body awareness.

Chris StJohn-Smith,

is passionately committed to passing on knowledge and awareness, from one generation to the next.

Drawing from extensive professional experience in working with physical discomfort in adults,

The STACKIT project was born…

The STACKIT project is an invaluable tool for the young developing mind and body. A six week programme within the PSHCE curriculum, it offers a rich variety of knowledge and discussion around ‘body awareness.’ Our students have been challenged and inspired, both within the STACKIT sessions and then applying their new found knowledge in a functional manner. Bridging links between posture, physical and mental health, are areas that as a nurturing school, we are passionate about including. We have seen the impact of this knowledge both in science lessons and in the PE curriculum, which shows why the STACKIT project is an incredibly useful educational tool for developing the whole child, in an increasingly sedentary world.”

 Turing House School, Senior leadership team

Year 7 – Assembly and 1 PSHCE class.

Beginning the STACKIT project in Year 7, provides students with the opportunity to gain a grounding in the principles of body awareness. An introductory assembly, followed by a single PSHCE class, provides a firm base for future learning.

Year 8 – 6 PSHCE classes.

Practical, interactive sessions, enliven and support the theory, learned across six weekly modules. Opportunities for discussion and reflection, are an important element of the project and a consolidating assessment of learning cements the key messages learned.

The STACKIT project believes…

Introducing STACKIT at this point in a student’s life, coincides with a critical stage in the development of their bodies.

Increasing a young person’s confidence and broad understanding of their body, can enable them to make more appropriate health and lifestyle choices.

Mental health, as well as physical health, is frequently influenced by posture. A good set of ‘tools’ grasped at this critical life stage, can be extensively used throughout adulthood.

The STACKIT project – building an understanding of body awareness, posture and deportment.

‘Move and the way will open’

Zen Proverb

Andy Vernon

Rio 2016 Olympian

Triple European medalist



Andy is totally committed to the STACKIT philosophy.

Andy features in the film THE BALANCED RUNNER, part of the STACKIT educational programme.

2 European Championship 2014 medals

Silver 10,000m & Bronze 5,000m

 11 European XC medals

Only Briton to have won medals in the Junior, U23 and Senior age groups.

“… the knock on effect of just a small imbalance can be huge, it can cost you injuries and could cost you a medal in a major competition down the line.”

Andy Vernon 2016

In 2016 Chris StJohn-Smith was recognised for his work with the STACKIT project.

The Jack Petchey Foundation awarded him the prestigious, Leaders Award for Outstanding Services to Young People.

Sir Jack Petchey CBE is an East End entrepreneur.

At 91 Sir Jack still comes to the office every day, but now it is his philanthropy that interests him most!

More than anything Sir Jack believes that people should think of others and give back to society, no matter how small an act of kindness or generosity, he wants young people to know that in giving, you also receive and the world is a better place for it!


“… a chance for young people themselves to recognise their leaders, the ones that inspire and support them.”

Jack Petchey Foundation

The STACKIT blog,



and some useful information that we’d like to share, from an ever evolving world.

‘You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.’

Jon Kabat-Zinn, Prof. at University of Massachusetts, USA

“The interactive lessons were fun… they helped us understand that our bodies are super important… I liked where we built an arm with bone and muscle.”

“Understanding how good posture and power poses have an effect on your emotions… It helped me focus on what I was doing and not zone-out and forget to move.”

  • “Fuzz can appear in your body if you don’t move for a while, it can be removed by stretching. Now I’ll remember to stretch regularly.”

  • “The STACKIT project informed me about my food choices and the deception of food packaging.”

  • “I liked how you interacted with us by asking questions… you explained everything at a level of easy understanding.”

“The STACKIT project created awareness about health and posture. It gave us suggestions and advice on how to improve and gave us new and interesting facts using videos and activities.”


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    “I am more conscious of my posture and what I eat.”

    TH student

    Pilates Revolution

    is a bespoke Clinical Pilates studio in South West London.

    Wholly owned and operated by Chris StJohn-Smith.

    Chris offers a tailored service using the Principles of the Pilates technique.

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